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Persimmon Vinegar Nano-CBD Gummies


Nano-CBD is known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation, decrease muscle soreness and joint pain, as well as its effectiveness as a sleep aid. We’ve added the great taste and nutritional power found in persimmons to create an exciting new gummy to add to your organic health routine.  Packed with vitamins (A, C, and B), minerals, potassium, manganese, flavonoids, and beta-carotene.  That’s a lot of health packed into one single gummy!

Taken whenever needed, our Broad Spectrum – Persimmon Vinegar Nano-CBD Gummies are delicious to chew and full of Nano powered Nano-CBD so you’ll quickly experience the full power of their natural goodness. Just like your favorite supplements, our Persimmon Vinegar Nano-CBD Gummies may be taken on a daily basis.

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Persimmon is Greek for “Divine Fruit,” and our persimmon vinegar gummies live up to the name!  Surprisingly subtle and delicious flavors combine with the health benefits of both Nano-CBD and persimmon, these Nano-CBD gummies are sure to be a new health favorite.  Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, as well as Nano-CBD’s organic properties, our Gummies pack a lot of health into a lot of flavor.

10 milligrams of Broad Spectrum Nano-CBD per gummy

  • Once or twice a day, whenever needed
  • Formulated with care: no animal testing, no GMOs, no gluten, and no allergens.
  • Created and produced in the USA


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