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Nano-CBD Broad Spectrum – 2,000 mg Nano-CBD – 10 ml


Welcome to our flagship product!  This little bottle contains 2,000 mg nanoed CBD (equivalent to 12,000 mg regular CBD). See why everyone is talking about and switching to this little monster of a bottle. For the average user, if dosed at one drop per day (10 mg nanoed = 60 mg regular CBD), this bottle can be an unprecedented 6 months supply. For the person who needs a much higher dose, you will still obtain an unprecedented length of use. If cost is a factor for you, why buy 24 bottles when you could buy just one?  And let’s not forget, with the nano delivery system, you get maximum CBD absorption.

2,000mg of our nanoed CBD = 12,000 mg regular CBD

1 bottle of BAN Technologies 2,000 mg nanoed CBD oil = 24 x 500 mg bottles of regular CBD = 12,000 mg

1 bottle of BAN Technologies 2,000 mg nanoed CBD = 12 x 1,000 mg bottles of regular CBD = 12,000

Why would you buy anything else?

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Our best-selling oil, at 2,000 mg of NBRC nanoed CBD, this oil has the unbelievable impact of 12,000 mg of regular CBD. At rates equivalent to 12,000 mg, this oil is suitable for anyone looking for or needing a high end, extra efficient oil.  Because one would have to buy 24 bottles of most competitors’ CBD oil products (containing 500 mg CBD), it makes this little jar one of the most cost efficient CBD products on the market.  Why buy 24 when you can buy just one?

The best way to apply CBD drops and insure maximum absorption is to tilt the bottle upside down and apply 1 – 2 drops sublingually (under the tongue) or buccally (between the gum and cheek).  .  Please note, it drops slowly.  Alternative methods of application are to apply drops to your tongue and try to work the oil under your tongue or along your gums, which allows maximum absorption; add 1-2 drops to your favorite warm beverage; or simply drop in a spoon.  Once you identify your preferred method of application, adjust the quantity of drops depending on how it personally effects you, increasing or decreasing dosage by 1 – 2 drops with each adjustment.

The simplicity of this bottle makes for more accurate dosing, just turn bottle upside down and wait for the drop. One drop = one dose. No more long dropper tube of oil to try and keep under the tongue, just a small, quick, easy droplet.

For maintenance of more severe chronic disorders, a daily maintenance routine including BAN Technologies CBD oil can be more optimal and effective.

CBD has been reported to help with the follow conditions:  chronic and acute pain, inflammation, anxiety, epileptic seizures, certain cancers, cigarette smoking addiction, drug or narcotic withdrawal, acne, diabetes, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, insomnia and sleep disorders, Plantar Fasciitis,…

Our oils are not just mixed but scientifically developed. We start with organic materials, and unlike most CBD products, our extraction methods never contain chemicals and are solvent free.  NBRC nano-cannabinoids are all-natural and manufactured without the use of surfactants or chemical additives or preservatives.

Product Details

  • 2,000 mg nanoed CBD = 12,000 mg of regular CBD
  • 10 ml
  • Use as needed or add to your regular maintenance routine
  • Made and processed in the USA

Detailed info

It means particles broken down into their smallest component for a more efficient delivery and maximum absorption of CBD. It means you get 6 times more absorption than regular CBD. It means the future when it comes to accurate dosing of CBD.

The nano 6x effect: 1,500 mg = 9,000 mg regular CBD

Your nano CBD bottle contains 2,000 mg of nano Hemp derived CBD. There are approximately 200 drops in each bottle. Each drop therefore contains 10 mg of nano CBD, (equivalent to 60 mg “Non-Nanoed” CBD).


*material provided is for information purposes only and is not considered medical diagnosis or advice.  Please consult your personal physician before consuming any new products.  Consumers using prescription medications should consult their physicians regarding potential contraindications.


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