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CBD Pain Relief Balm – 500 mg Nano CBD


500 mg nanoed CBD Pain Relief Balm. As with all of our CBD products, the 500 mg CBD balm stands out among other balms on the market. What more can we say but that the 500 mg nanoed CBD balm has twice the punch as our 250 mg, and at 6 times regular CBD that means it is equal to 3,000 mg of regular CBD packed into one jar but infused with the nano delivery system, see detailed info.

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One of our top products, at 500 mg of NBRC nanoed CBD, this balm has the impact of 3,000 mg of regular CBD. Rates equivalent to 3,000 mg makes this balm suitable for anyone looking for the strongest CBD kick they can find. This is a high end, extra efficient CBD topical balm with twice the strength as our 250 mg jar. Because one would have to buy 20 jars of most competitors’ CBD topical product (typically containing 150 mg CBD) to get the equivalent amount of our CBD, makes it one of the most cost efficient CBD products on the market.  Why buy 20 when you can buy just one?

Apply topically to and around the area in question. A little goes a long way with our CBD balms, typically you do not need to apply more than one thin layer.  Because of strength, use sparingly but thoroughly rub product into skin. Once you have experienced it’s personally optimal response, you can reduce or increase application accordingly.

Onset of relief has been reported between 15 seconds and 5 minutes.

Reported uses and benefits by Topical CBD Users: joint pain (arthritis pain), joint swelling, muscle pain, Inflammatory skin conditions, Psoriasis, Eczema, itchy rashes, mosquito bite, neck and back pain, cramps, Contact Dermatitis, Acne, nerve pain, Plantar Fasciitis….

Our balms are developed for best results using only the highest grade ingredients sourced from around the world. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its unique action on the delivery process and to work synergistically, meaning there are NO additives or fillers…every single ingredient has a purpose.  NBRC nano-cannabinoids are all-natural and manufactured without the use of surfactants or chemical additives or preservatives.

Product Details

  • 500mg nanoed CBD = 3,000 mg of regular CBD
  • 30 ml
  • Use as need or add to your regular maintenance routine
  • Made and processed in the USA

Detailed info

What is a Nano?

It means particles broken down into their smallest component for a more efficient delivery and maximum absorption of CBD. It means you get 6 times more absorption than regular CBD. It means the future when it comes to accurate dosing of CBD.

The nano 6x effect: 500 mg = 3000 mg regular CBD

Warning: As with any new product and in the rare event of allergies, we encourage you to perform a patch test by placing a small amount on the skin and wait 30 minutes to check for adverse reaction prior to use.  Any sign of hives, rash, or skin irritation, discontinue use and consult your physician.


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